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Snag School Tights

Get your little ones ready for school with Snag kid’s tights. School tights that will keep them comfy all day, have no harsh chemicals against sensitive skin and use vegan dyes.

The real beauty of Snag School Tights is their durability. They are seriously robust, ladder resistant and built to withstand everything little legs can throw at them. They retain shape and color wash after wash, not to mention quick drying. With 10% off when you buy three or more pairs, you can choose next day delivery to get the tights in hand for term time.

Built to last through the school year, with colors designed to match school uniforms, choose from Black, Grey or Navy children’s tights. These will help regulate kids body temperature through the day, so they can go from lunchtime play to the classroom without getting hot and bothered.

Multicolored Kids Tights

Kids tights are specifically designed for ages 3-10. Tween tights are designed for ages 12 and up. They are all super stretchy and have a size guide so you can find the best fit for little legs.

Snag multicolored Children's tights are here to upgrade mini Snagglers everyday adventures. Super soft, super comfy and so easy to put on. Running, jumping and climbing are all covered thanks to stretchy tights that won't roll or fall down. The perfect high school tights, Snag kids tights will last wash after wash and are ladder resistant to last all year.

Snag School Tights

Best denier for school tights

For school tights 50 denier is perfect, as it gives great coverage, more durability and thanks to Snag aerated yarn are super breathable so they keep legs cooler inside and warmer outside.

Denier is a unit of measurement. It is used to describe the weight of fibre, usually when used within clothes or hosiery, like tights. It is displayed as a number, usually starting from around 30 up to around 120. The lower the denier number, the more transparent the item will be, the higher the denier number the more opaque it is.

Sheer tights are usually around 30 denier. A low denier tight means that you can still see your skin, even if there is a pattern or a color. These are perfect for spring and summer. Opaque tights tend to start around 80 denier, all of your skin will be covered and people tend to wear them through Autumn and Winter.

Why do school tights keep falling down?

Tights will fall down when they are not the right size. Walking, running and climbing will shimmy the tights down the little legs when they don't sit right or there is not enough stretch to allow movement. Most tights are made to be the same size, just longer in the leg. This means that when you are buying different sizes it actually isn't making much of a difference.

Snag school tights are designed to be actually different sizes. They pull up higher to sit comfortably on the body and are super stretchy to allow all the movement your little ones need.

What are school tights made of?

A super comfy and super stretchy Polyamide, Elastane blend. Snag school tights are easy to put on with added stretch, are vegan with no animal derivative dyes and zero carcinogens, which are sometimes added in the softening process.

Perfected knitting techniques and aerated yarn means these children's tights are super breathable, to keep them odour free for longer. Moisture wicking so there are no sweaty legs and ladder resistant so they are durable to withstand the rough and tumble of school life. Snag school tights make happy and healthy legs.

Best high school tights

The best high school tights are ones that are comfortable all day, will last the whole school term and wash and dry really well. Snag school tights are the perfect tights for high school, think multi colors, 12 inches of multi-directional stretch, vegan dyes, no carcinogens and moisture wicking so there is no sweaty legs.

There are so many Snag colors to choose from and each one is designed to really last. Ladder resistant and quick drying, these are school tights that will last the whole term and the weekends.