Impact - Fair To You – Snag US

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Snag don’t do fast fashion, we do fair fashion. Fair for you, our workers and the planet.

We champion clothes that uplift you, prioritise the planet and our people. Here's how we're stitching our values into the essence of our brand.

You Deserve Clothes That Really Fit

Forget buying three different sizes across multiple stores. 99% of our products fit perfectly first time. If they don’t fit, we’ll help you find out why and get you the correct size.

You Deserve Clothes That Last

Our products are designed to be washed day in and day out, to be worn hard and still look amazing. If your clothes don’t fall apart, you don’t need to buy so many. So we start with real old school quality.

You Should Have Access To Affordable Clothes

We make a fixed margin on everything we do, so you know you aren’t being greenwashed into driving someone’s high profits. Wearing ethical clothes, or clothes that fit shouldn’t just be for the rich. It’s something we all deserve.

You Deserve A Community Thats Ready To Support You

We have almost a million Snagglers across our social spaces, all ready to lift you up, and help make you look on the outside like you feel on the inside. It’s hard to find safe, positive spaces on the internet, so we built our own.