What Is Ottoman Fabric?

What Is Ottoman Fabric?

So you've seen the new Ottoman collection and now you're asking yourself, what exactly is Ottoman fabric and why is it so special? Let's find out.

It's a Turkish artform. No really! Ottoman is textile that originates from the Ottoman Empire (now modern day Türkiye). It's a ribbed texture, which runs widthways and gives it a really tactile, luxurious feel.

Thicker yarn is used to create raised stripes, so it's almost looks like a cord material, but this has a proper structure, so it keeps it's shape really well.

Traditionally, Ottoman fabric used silk fibres in it's construction, but the modern variation can be made from cotton, wool or synthetic fibres, so it's super versitile.

As soon as we saw this fabric, we just knew it was perfect for a Jumpsuit and new Flare Skirt that we had in mind, we love it and we hope you will too.

What Makes Ottoman Fabric So Special?

Durability, strength and structure. Ottoman fabric has a really tightly woven structure, couple this with the ribbed texture and you've got something super durable that is resistant to wear and tear. But we picked this textile not just for how it performs and feels (although it really does feel amazing).

Because of how it holds it's structure, it skims the body beautifully when you wear it. There is no clinging to any lumps and bumps and it really does complement all body shapes. Even with such a rich, tactile feel it's still stretchy, which means it's still super comfy.

Why A Jumpsuit & Flare Skirt?

So much of the feedback we get is from Snagglers telling us they just cannot find those 'evergreen' clothes. You know the ones you buy and they are so good, you keep them for years? These are them, these are two of your 'keep forever' clothes. But of course we make them...'Snag'. It's taken over 18 months to perfect both of them. We had to make sure they would stand the test of time, look amazing, are full of the little details that really make a difference (hello deep pockets) and we trialling them on a massive variety of body shapes and sizes.

Jumpsuit: This is an outfit ready to go off the hanger, you just add the shoes! The structured fit means everyone gets an epic silhouette, and while the word versatile is really overused, a jumpsuit really is!

Flare Skirt: A length that looks amazing on everyone, princess seams for movement and just a little kick. It is just as at home worn with a fishnet top or floaty blouse. This is the skirt you keep going back to.

How Do You Care For Ottoman Fabric?

It feels weighty and is classed as a luxury textile, but Ottoman fabric is so easy to care for. Thanks to how durable it is, you can pop it in the machine on a gentle wash at 30°C. As with all Snag clothes, we always recommend: Wash with similar colours, don't bleach, don't tumble dry, cool iron on reverse. Oh and it's suitable for dry cleaning.

So there you go, that is everything you need to know about Ottoman fabric. Now you need to Snag yours, check out the full collection here.

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