Does Freezing Tights Really Make Them Last Longer?

Does Freezing Tights Really Make Them Last Longer?

It may sound crazy, but freezing your tights really can help your tights last longer and prevent runs or ladders!

How do you prevent runs in tights?

There are so many hacks out there for preventing runs in tights. From keeping your nails trimmed short and moisturising your feet and legs before popping a pair on, to using clear nail varnish or hairspray to stop runs in their tracks and prevent holes getting bigger.

One of the more out there ideas is throwing tights in the freezer! Move over chicken nuggets and ice cream, there's a little known hack of popping your tights in there to help them stay strong and robust and reduce the chance of runs or ladders.

The freezing cold temperatures help to firm and strengthen the fibres in your tights, keeping them lasting wear after wear and help combat any runs and snags.

How to freeze your tights to make them last longer

Step 1: Straight out of the packet, before you try on your new tights, run them under water to get them damp, carefully squeeze out any excess and pop them in a freezer bag.

Step 2: Throw them in your freezer and leave them overnight

Step 3: The next morning, take them out and let them defrost at room temperature, hanging them to dry completely (do NOT use any heat to thaw or dry your tights - heat can degrade the stretch of the fibres!)

Step 4: You're done! You can wear your tights safe in the knowledge that your tights are all set. This is a one and done deal, you don't ever have to do it again!

Does putting tights in the freezer work?

There are a lot of opinions about whether freezing tights actually works - some people swear by it, other say its a load of rubbish! Why not give it a go yourself next time you get a new pair of tights - it can't hurt to try and see the results for yourself!

How can I make my tights last longer?

Snag tights are already super strong and robust - durable not disposable is our mantra so you're much less likely to find them laddering, running or pulling. Trips, falls and even cat claws are no match for the durability of Snag tights - they've even stood up to a cement mixer!

Snag tights are designed to last wash after wash, but if you want to keep your Snag tights in tip top condition, officially, you should hand wash them using a 'non-aggressive detergent' (and wash before your first wear!) We usually stick them on a 30ºC wash with similar colours, inside our specially made wash bags or you can even use a pillowcase or lingerie bag. Make sure you squeeze dry then shape and lay flat to dry - using any form of heat can really degrade the stretch.

When you're not wearing your tights, keep them rolled or folded in a drawer or other organiser to help keep their shape. When you pop them on be sure to scrunch them from hip to toe and roll them carefully up your legs being careful not to tug too hard on the fabric.


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