Craft Hack: How to Upcycle Snag Tights to Make Hair Ties!

Craft Hack: How to Upcycle Snag Tights to Make Hair Ties!

Have you got an old pair of tights you're not sure what to do with? Give them a new lease of life by upcycling them! Here's how you can turn your tights into zero-waste hair ties just by cutting them.

What materials do I need to turn tights into hair ties?

To get started on turning your old tights into hair ties you just need a sharp pair of scissors and your old tights - that's it!

Don't worry if your tights are frayed, snagged or have any holes, you can just work around any less than perfect spots.

This is a really simply 3 step technique to use for a pair have reached the end of their long life and only requires a pair of scissors to complete!

These hair ties are super stretchy and great at tying up your hair in a pinch - and are an excellent way to repurpose old tights and save them from the bin!

How to make homemade hair ties out of tights

Step 1: Lay your tights out flat on the table and cut off the feet (you can even use these for other crafts like scented drawer bags to freshen up your clothes)

Step 2: Cut straight across the leg of the tights to remove a section to work easily with. To make several hair ties, cut pieces about 6 inches in length.

Step 3: Lay the section flat and cut inch wide strips across. Stretch them out so they curl over, and you're done! They can be worn as larger head bands or cross twisted and used as hair ties for pony tails and messy buns 🥰

Turning your old tights into zero-waste hair ties tutorial

Check out this video tutorial to see for yourself just how easy it is to make your own hair ties out of tights!


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