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Merino Wool Tights - Fox


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Description: Super soft merino wool tights, inspired by the striking orange/russet colour of the urban and countryside Fox.

Why did we make this?: Every body deserves wool tights that fit. Comfortable against your skin and perfect to keep you warm, we just know you’ll look like a Fox in this cosier alternative to your classic Snags.

Why is this special?: Made from the finest moisture wicking merino fibres, which are softer than regular wool, you will feel cool, stay cosy and look good whatever the weather.

  • Merino Wool Tights
  • Color: Orange (Click here to compare all our colors)
  • Cotton Gusset
  • Buy any 3 pairs of tights or shorts get 10% off
  • Buy 6 pairs get 15% off
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Composition: 52% Wool, 44% Polyamide, 3% Elastane & 1% Cotton
  • Country of origin: Italy

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SIZING: We’ve turned designing on its head, starting with a UK size 24 model, then working down and up with genuine fit models at every single size - rather than using one UK size 8 model and just scaling up. Our wool tights come in 7 size variants, to fit US dress sizes 2-34. Use our handy Size Guide to find the perfect fit.

CARE: Our Wool tights are machine washable at 30°C, place inside a wash bag or pillow case. Always wash your tights before you wear them the first time. Always squeeze dry, don’t tumble dry. Avoid direct heat as it can degrade the stretch.

Size Guide All Tights

Tights Size Guide

Choosing the perfect size of Snag tights is really easy. Just find your regular clothing size in the chart and trace along to find your height. Your Snag size will be a letter in the table. There are two different types depending if you have a prominent bum and tum or not. 

Curvilicious (Prominent bum and/or tum)

Clothes Size <5'3 5'4-5'8 5'9-6'5
2/4 A/B A/B C
6/8 C C D
10/12 D D E
14/16 E E F
18/20 Short F F G
22/24 Short F F G
26-34 G G G

Athletic (Small or flat bum and/or tum)

Clothes Size <5'3 5'4-5'8 5'9-6'5
2/4 A/B A/B A/B
6/8 A/B A/B C
10/12 C C D
14/16 D D E
18/20 E E F
22/24 Short F F G
26-34 G G G