We can't thank you enough for your purchase of an SOS voucher! You're the reason Snag is still here today and we're so grateful. We know you might have some questions on how to use your voucher and we hope this guide can help you, but if you have any other questions about how to use your voucher feel free to reach us at or through our Facebook or Instagram channels!

When can I use my code?

Your code can be used anytime after November 1st 2020.  There is no expiry date.

How many times can I use my code?

The code can only be used once.  If you don’t use the full value, it is lost. 

Can I split my code into individual vouchers?

Yes!  If you have paid for two or more vouchers, please email the customer engagement team on and they can arrange for your code to be split for you.

Can I use more than one code in an order?

No, only one code will be accepted per order. 

I’ve lost my code! What do I do?

Not a problem!   Pop the Customer Engagement team an email on and they can look it up for you.

I live in Canada/Denmark/Sweden/Switzerland/New Zealand. Can I use my code in the new store?

Yes! Your code will be transferred over to the new store. 

Do I have to pay postage on my order?

Yes, the voucher only covers the cost of the tights.  Postage is extra.

Does the voucher cover the Chub Rub Shorts or Merino Tights?

The voucher only covers the cost of the £6.99 tights. If you want to use it to buy shorts or Woolies, you will need to pay the difference in cost. 

Can I return my items?

We can only exchange unworn tights.

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