You love your Snags, now it’s their turn.

Finally Snags for Kids

Finding good kids tights that fit and last is always a nightmare. But now, there’s Snag! Our great range of soft, stretchy and durable tights perfect for school, play and adventures.

The Practical Pairs

Find the perfect school tights that truly last through multiplewears and long days. We’ve also included a range of mini shorts - made in the same material as our tights - ideal for warmer days or hanging upside down in skirts or dresses.

Supersoft, additive-free, hardy and most importantly comfy.

The Fun Pairs

Everyday is an adventure in a pair of Snags. A colour to suit every style and personality! Soft and stretchy for active days and perfectly comfortable to keep on all day long!

Tights that kids love to wear.

It’s time to pull out the measuring tape! We’ve found the best way to size our younger range is to go by height and thigh circumference to get a snug comfortable fit.

Our tights are:

Vegan (no animal derivative dyes)

No carcinogens (sometimes added in the softening process)

Easy to put on (added stretch) for happy and healthy legs.

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