Extra Info Fishnet Knickers

PRICES: We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible. We don’t believe companies should increase their margin just because a product is sustainable. So as always, we’ve kept our margin the same and passed the benefit on to you. So not only are these products sustainable, they are super affordable.

SIZING: We’ve turned designing on its head, starting with a size 24 model, then working down and up with genuine fit models at every single size - rather than using one size 8 model and just scaling up. Our underwear come in 9 size variants, to fit dress sizes 4-38. Use our handy Size Guide to find the perfect fit.

Made in Turkey.

CARE: Our fishnets should be handwashed only (or can be machine washed if placed inside a washbag) washable at 30°C. Wash before wearing for the first time. Do not bleach.